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Uyghur school in Paris

The training courses provided by the Institute are designed for Uyghurs and other individuals who wish to discover Uyghur culture and language. They are divided into four different types:

  • Language courses: Uyghur language training courses are made both for Uyghur kids of the diaspora and for non-native speakers. The Institute also provides French language training courses to support the integration of members of the diaspora who have recently arrived in France. They are also designed for people who can already speak French and who wish to improve their skill level.
  • Dance courses: Uyghur dance is well-known both in China and Central Asia. It is a blending of Middle Eastern, Central Asian and South Asian influences which attracts a growing audience. Designed for everyone who wishes to discover Uyghur dance.
  • Music courses: Thanks to the presence of talented Uyghur musicians in Paris, the Institute is able to provide training courses in singing and traditional instruments (Dutar and Rawap).
  • Uyghur civilisation courses: For children of the diaspora, learning about the history and civilisation of Uyghurs, the life of important women and men of their country of origin is as important as learning about other aspects of Uyghur culture. Therefore, we’ve started this Uyghur civilisation course this year for children who attend weekend classes in our Uyghur school.

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