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9th Issue of «Regard sur les Ouïghour-e-s»

After an absence of two and a half years, the Regard sur les Ouïghour-e-s team is proud to present its ninth issue!

Following numerous difficulties encountered by the majority of the editorial team during 2019 and 2020, we were unfortunately unable to honor our commitment to publish two issues per year. We would therefore like to apologize to those of you who have waited in vain for this issue to arrive, and assure you that the team is looking to the future, and that we still have many plans for the magazine.

To kick off this issue, we wanted to continue our discovery of the world of transdisciplinary artist Munawwar Abdulla, already featured in the contents of the previous issue, with the publication of her poem Borderline and her graphic work reproduced in the Art Garden section.

In keeping with our inclusive editorial line, and in support of recent anti-sexist mobilizations in France and abroad, we have decided to offer a historical perspective on the place of women in the Uyghur region and in France during the Second World War. The dossier in this issue features a French translation of an article by Uyghur historian Nabijan Tursun on the role of Uyghur women in the Second Republic of East Turkestan.

Mirroring the Uyghur section, you’ll be able to browse an unpublished translation of French historian Elodie Jauneau’s article entitled ” Women in fighting France during World War II: The Corps des Volontaires Francaises and the Groupe Rochambeau “.

Uyghur language lessons continue with the previous lesson on greeting rules, this time with a lesson on introductory phrases and vocabulary to use when meeting people. And if you have any questions, the Practical Life section provides a summary of children’s rights in France.

For our Life in the Uyghur Region section, we are fortunate to have been able to gather the testimony of German researcher Hanna Burdorf on the difficulties of learning the Uyghur language, in the hope that this sharing of experience will help break down the isolation felt and encourage the creation of collaborative tools!

As the last two years have been particularly rich in advances for the visibility of Uyghurs in France and Europe, Diaspora News acquires a particular value in this issue, with important announcements including the opening in Paris of the Uyghur Institute of Europe!

In the Miscellanea section, you’ll find a translation of Muhammet Atawulla’s review of Muyesser Hendan’s Uyghur novel “Goodbye, the sun”.

The whole Regard sur les Ouïghour-e-s team hopes you enjoy and are surprised by this issue!

  • The editorial team.

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