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A big thank you to the “Colleuses”!

In the summer of 2020, the “Colleuses” responded to the call made by our president, Dilnur Reyhan, for feminists to show their solidarity with Uyghur women. Since then, the “Colleuses” have been there for us, and have responded to all our calls for help. A big thank you to them! Thanks to their collages, which were made all over France, the Uyghur cause was made all the more visible. This has contributed enormously to raising public awareness on this issue. 

Mobilised a first time against brands that profit from Uyghur forced labour, they pasted striking messages in red ink on a white background that read “Ici on tue des Ouïghour.e.s” (Here they kill Uyghurs) in front of 24 shops in Paris, including of course Zara and Uniqlo. 

They then made a series of collages about the plight of Uyghur women, images of which can be seen below:

They came back to help us on the evening of the 19th of January, the day before the vote for the recognition of the Uyghur genocide in the French National Assembly, this time written black on white that the members of parliament must vote for the recognition.

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