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The Institute regularly hosts events such as conferences, film and documentary screenings, festivities and concerts. Open to all, these events take place in a dynamic way that encourages the sharing of knowledge. Organised every year for more than a decade, certain festivities such as the celebration of Norouz, the spring festival of Turkish and Persian-speaking peoples, are a unique opportunity for the Uyghurs of France to get together and pass on to their children the values of their culture. Open to curious people from all walks of life, this festival has been visited several times by individuals of all origins who have been able to contribute both culturally and in terms of conviviality.

In the same way, the organisation of the Uyghur cultural day is the scene of encounters and discoveries around a buffet of Uyghur specialities, a conference that gives a voice to women, a show of dance and traditional songs as well as a film projection that arouses a growing interest from the public. One year, a simultaneous translation workshop of Uyghur feminist poems led to laughter and comedy that will certainly be remembered.

More than important dates and events for the Uyghur community in France and Europe, each event organised is a unique opportunity to meet and get to know each other while discovering the particularities of the secular Uyghur culture together.

Once settled in our premises, we will be able organise more cultural events and include a new range of activities, specifically workshops. So don’t hesitate to come and see us at the institute or to follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to keep up to date with our activities!