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Action against Uniqlo on the occasion of the opening of a new store in Paris

Here we are in September 2021, our lawsuit against the multinationals that profit from Uyghur slavery was filed a few months ago, but now Uniqlo, one of the brands we sued, is opening a new store in Paris. The store is located on Avenue d’Italie, in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. For the opening of the store, we joined forces with Camille Etienne for a denunciation operation. A committed environmentalist, Camille Etienne has been described several times as the “French Greta Thunberg”. She encourages action on an individual level and works to raise awareness, while calling for policy changes at the highest level of government. It was a pleasure for our president, Dilnur Reyhan, to lead this action with her. The two activists handed out flyers and spoke to passers-by in front of the entrance, raising awareness amongst consumers. Buying at Uniqlo is to endorse Uyghur forced labour.  

They distributed leaflets to inform consumers about the consequences of their choices. On the leaflets were press articles (e.g. Médiapart, AFP) announcing that the Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office had opened an investigation against 12 brands, including Uniqlo, following the complaint filed by IODE and two other French NGOs.

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