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The Institute has inherited from the bustling Oghouz Association, and therefore hosts various forms of gatherings, conferences, festivals and concerts. Open to anyone, these events usually convey an inclusive dynamic that fosters friendship and a strong knowledge-sharing spirit. Some of them, such as the Noruz spring festival, have been organized every single year since the foundation of the Oghouz Association and constitute a unique occasion for Uyghurs living in France to meet and pass their traditions and values on to their children. This celebration has been awarded several times by the presence of guests from all origin and we’re proud to say that our guests were always able to contribute to it both culturally and materially.

In addition, organizing the Uyghur culture day in the National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilizations is a great occasion to meet new people and discover aspects of Uyghur culture. This event also takes place annually and usually consists of a buffet of Uyghur delicacies followed by a conference where women have the floor, a concert featuring Uyghur musicians and dancers and ends with the screening of a film or documentary. Last year, we also organized a live translation workshop where we translated feminist Uyghur contemporary poems into Turkish, Azerbaijani and Uzbek. This was a fun and interactive session, with the audience contributing to the workshop and sometimes proving to have better suggestions than the teachers themselves!

More than important dates for the Uyghur community living in Europe, these events offer great opportunities to meet new people and to discover Uyghur culture through sharing and having fun. Do not hesitate to come to the Institute to meet us or to follow our Facebook page to get information about our upcoming events!

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