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We are both proud and enthusiastic to work together in order to provide for the European Uyghur Institute. It is an attempt to bring life to a place where Uyghurs living in France and other European countries can share the richness of their culture.

It is essential that the Institute be just like a Central Asian tea house: a gathering place for all where students, researchers, artists, craftspeople, traders and travelers can meet and share knowledge. Because we want to keep distant from any kind of political or religious influence, donations and support are crucial for keeping this place alive. Indeed, it is thanks to private donations that we can provide a small financial support to our team of volunteers who engaged in keeping the Institute a lively culture-oriented haven on a daily basis.

Thanks to your help, we can create the conditions necessary for the development of new generations of secular and open-minded European citizens who value the cultural diversity of Eurasia as a whole.

* * *

«تاما تاما كۆل تولار»

« Tama tama köl tolar »

« Drop after drop is filled the lake »



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EU and Switzerland : €35,00 EUR – yearly
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