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55 French deputies create a group of solidarity towards the Uyghurs


We have good news for the last day of September: prompted by the president of the European Uyghur Institute, Dilnur Reyhan, today fifty-five French deputies launched a group of solidarity towards the Uyghurs.

Responding to the severity of the situation, and after years of inaction at the level of national government in a number of European countries, these deputies have stated that they are ready to shoulder their responsibility and face up to the abominable situation in which the Uyghur region finds itself. Having called out the cowardice of democratic countries supposedly committed to the defense of human rights, they decided to change this tendency towards disavowal and took a first step towards a more humane world.

The Uyghur diaspora, and especially the European Uyghur Institute, based in Paris, thank the members of this group for their action and trust in their sense of justice in following through with this initiative, all the while hoping that other deputies will follow their example.


List of the aforementioned deputies :


Members of the Socialist and affiliated group: AVIRAGNET Joël, BATTISTEL Marie Noëlle, BIEMOURET Gisèle, BRICOUT Jean Louis, DAVID Alain, DUMONT Laurence, FAURE Olivier, GAROT Guillaume, HABIB David, HUTIN Christian, JOURDAN Chantal, JUANICO Régis, KARAMANLI Marietta, LAMBERT Jérôme, LESEUL Gérard, LETCHIMY Serge, MANIN Josette, NAILLET Philippe, PAU LANGEVIN George, PIRES BEAUNE Christine, POTIER Dominique, RABAULT Valérie, ROUAUX Claudia, SANTIAGO Isabelle, SAULIGNAC Hervé, TOLMONT Sylvie, UNTERMAIER Cécile, VAINQUEUR CHRISTOPHE Hélène, VALLAUD Boris, VICTORY Michèle.


Members of the Ecology, Democracy and Solidarity (EDS) group: TACHE Aurélien, JULIEN-LAFARRIERE Hubert, FORTEZA Paula, VILLANI Cédric, BATHO Delphine, ORPHELIN Matthieu, DE COURSON Yolaine, NADOT Sébastien, TUFFNELL Frédérique, BAGARRY Delphine, CHAPELIER Annie, GAILLOT Albane, DE TEMMERMAN Jennifer.


Members of the Unbowed France and the Democratic and Republican Left group: AUTAIN Clémentine, FAUCILLON Elsa, PRUDHOMME Loïc, RATENON Jean-Hugues, BROTHERSON Moetai, RUBIN Sabine, FIAT Caroline, RESSIGUIER Muriel, KECLARD-MONDESIR Manuéla, LARIVE Michel, OBONO Danièle.


Member of the Liberties and Territories group: DUMAS Frédérique.


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