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Five French political parties sign the Charter of Solidarity with the Uyghurs

As previously announced, five political parties have chosen to commit themselves to the Uyghur cause. These five parties have signed the Charter of Solidarity with the Uyghurs, which reads as follows: 

Art. 1: We commit ourselves to unconditionally stand with the Uyghur people who are repressed and persecuted by the Chinese communist regime.

Art. 2: We commit ourselves to make visible (communication, demonstration, etc.) the crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Chinese regime against the Uyghurs.

Art. 3: We commit ourselves to demand strong economic, political and diplomatic sanctions against China.

Art. 4: We commit ourselves to publicly demand an end to the public funding of the 17 Confucius Institutes – which are a propaganda tool of the Chinese Communist Party – by local authorities.

Art. 5: We commit ourselves to favour the political and financial support – by our local executives – of associations working for the Uyghur cause.

Art. 6: We commit ourselves to do everything possible to help and protect the Uyghur diaspora living in France.

This is what have promised the following parties and groups:  

  • The socialist party represented by Olivier Faure;
  • Ensemble !, represented by Clémentine Autain; 
  • #Nous Demain, represented by Aurélien Taché; 
  • Génération écologie, represented by Delphine Batho;
  • Place Publique, represented by Jo Spiegel. 

We are still waiting to receive the signature of Génération.s, who promised us their unconditional support, but who have still not returned the signed Charter. Europe Ecologie les Verts (EELV), whose national secretary Julien Bayou has expressed his full support, has refused to sign the Charter without giving us any explanation. We hope that EELV representatives will change their position now that the number of European countries that have recognised the Uyghur genocide has grown and that Yannick Jadot, their candidate for the 2022 presidential elections, has given us his public support.

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