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The European Uyghur Institute thanks you for your generous donations!


A year ago now, we launched our “Let’s defend Uyghur culture in Europe!” campaign. It has now reached and even surpassed the 40 000 euros mark for donations. No words could convey the depth of gratitude we feel at such support.
Day after day, drop after drop, your generosity has shown us how important it is to each of you that the Uyghur Institute team continue its mission of preserving Uyghur culture in Europe.

Thanks to your many donations, we are getting closer to our initial goal of moving into premises in central Paris. Once this objective is reached, we will finally be able to welcome you to our tea house and library, and engage in friendly exchanges with you over a nice hot drink, at an event, or during conferences and classes relating to Uyghur culture.

The search for funding and support carries on. In addition to our campaign, we would like to call on all people who wish to contribute to supporting the Uyghur Institute on a long-term basis, either materially or by giving some of your time, to contact us. With your help, we will be able to begin new projects or even bring to fruition years of work translating Uyghur literature into European languages, and therefore also contribute to defending Uyghur culture by making it accessible to European readers.

Stay informed about our projects via our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram accounts, or by visiting our website.


With all our respect and gratitude,

The European Uyghur Institute team



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