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“Solidarity with the Uyghurs: Let’s denounce the genocide!” – Drawing competition


Dear all,


The European Uyghur Institute (IODE) is organizing its first drawing competition with the aim of denouncing the genocide against the Uyghurs.


The knowledge, investigations, studies and testimonies accumulated in recent years point to the extreme persecution of the Uyghur people by the Chinese government. Human rights organizations, academics, witnesses and the media have mobilized to document the genocidal and concentration camp policy of the Chinese authorities. The Uyghurs, the indigenous and majority population of the Uyghur region which is located on the east part of Central Asia, called “Xinjiang” (meaning “new border” in Chinese) by China and “East Turkestan”, are subjected to massive and multiple forms of violence: imprisonment of about 3 million Uyghurs in concentration camps (which China calls “re-education” or “vocational training” camps) or in prison, forced inter-ethnic marriages, separation of children from their families, destruction of Muslim mosques and cemeteries, cultural, religious and linguistic bans, massive surveillance systems, forced sterilizations, organized rape and sex trafficking, forced labor, etc. The falling birth rate, the targeted and massively inflicted violence, and the camp policy allow us to put words on the exactions committed by the Chinese authorities: genocide and a crime against humanity.


Even outside China, Uyghurs are stalked and harassed by the Chinese authorities, via social networks or direct calls. Whether in the diaspora or in their homeland, Uyghurs see their physical and psychological integrity, but also their culture, language and religion, threatened with eradication. Abroad, it is incumbent on everyone to fight against genocide but also to preserve the Uyghur language and culture. This is what the European Uyghur Institute, for example, is doing.


In this context, the European Uyghur Institute wishes to alert people and denounce the genocide and its various components through a drawing competition for artists from all over the world, “Solidarity with the Uyghurs : Let’s denounce the genocide!”.


The deadline for submission is 20 March 2021.


Clarification of the rules of the competition:


Mandatory format: scanned drawing in pdf format, 300 dpi

(i.e. sheet size 210 mm x 297 mm).

You may use all available manual techniques in the creation of the drawings.

Please include the first and last name and address of the author of the drawing.

Each participant can submit 1 to 3 works in the mentioned format.

Send the drawings in the format specified to the following email address:




Prizes for the best drawings:


Each winner will be notified of his/her success in the competition by the communication team of the European Uyghur Institute. Participants in the competition agree to the exhibition or publication of their work, without any claim to copyright. This usage may not be contested in any form whatsoever. By entering the drawing competition, participants accept the rules in full.


First prize: A book on Uyghur culture, publication of the drawing in the trilingual magazine (Uyghur, French and English) on Uyghur studies Regard sur les Ouïghour-e-s and a printed bag featuring the name of the magazine.

Second prize: A screen-printed T-shirt with the design of the competition poster, publication of the drawing in the trilingual magazine (Uyghur, French and English) on Uyghur studies Regard sur les Ouïghour-e-s and a printed bag featuring the name of the magazine.

Third prize: Uyghur cultural artifacts.


Criteria for participation:


You are at least 18 years old.

You want to use drawing as a means of expressing your support for the Uyghur cause and as a means of opposing the genocide.

Participants should follow the pages of the European Uyghur Institute.

Instagram @european_uyghur_institute

Twitter @Uyghur_Institute

Facebook European Uyghur Institute



For more information, please visit the European Uyghur Institute’s website ( ).

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